Caroline Perron or 'Indian model'

01.06.2010 14:07

Caroline Perron or 'Indian model'

This is where you finally learn who is Caroline Perron.

It all began on April 26 1974 (That's Hans, 17). Born in Matagi - Indian village. It is the first of six children. Caroline grew up as successors to the first takzavaného nation. This meant that they learned quickly, and thus differed from other children. Undergoing primary and secondary school. At fourteen years of performing for the first time at a fashion show at Amos.

In 18 years, started studying at a private school in Montreal and then studied literature. At that time, he earns as a mannequin. Therefore, you visit places like Milan, Italy, Austria, USA, Paris, Canada, etc. In his homeland, is known in advertising phones. Caroline Perron in this period was a model. It has beautiful green eyes, the delicate, beautiful and still has a bright smile.

Life embodying calm and cool but everything changed in 1996 (that I was just born ...:)) at a fashion show in the Dominican Republic there are familiar with Hans Hölzel. The relationship lasts 16 months and Falco decided to marriage. But the relationship is accompanied by many breakups and reconciliation.

Suddenly and tragically dies Falco and Carol returned to Canada.

4 years ago she began to business, so it more, "Seek" as podnikateku. Runs a publishing house. He speaks French and English. Now they learn German. Modeling was not her job but just a hobby. Today it took up the music. Who
U4 was in the club, knows what I mean ...:)


How familiar with Hans?

As I wrote in a fashion show at the Dom. Rep. Caroline showing off costumes. And what you think Falco could not pass up:).

He approached her and began to talk together as if Hans was Palatinate. She did not know that Hans is famous Palatinate.
It just did not care about these things. And he knew very well and she wanted to say-so in love with Hans and not to Falco.

Falco Caroline later invited him to Vienna. Even then it was strange that there was a lot of people wanted my autograph. So she told the composer:).

When it seemed to some the romance went on holiday together somewhere, and there the crowds were so suspicious he had to come clean.

What about him most like?

His smyls of humor. Apparently a lot of laughs together. I believe that, after all, Falco joked everywhere, even in songs ...:)


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___123___Caroline Perron or 'Indian model' ::___123___

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