Falco in museum!

06.11.2010 07:45

 So we waited to see after all! That's not a museum but Falco could therefore, in the Madame Tussauds you'll see a 100% ;-). While this is old news, but it was printed nevadí.Announced that our czech newspaper týden.cz in August 18. They called him in a Vienna cabaret Wax, which may be missing, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Empress Sissi, legendary Quenni and Maria Theresa. But of course that our beloved Falco! Visitors can say with dummies, treated "as if they were alive. I think in the sense that, for example, can sit on the throne, Maria Theresa and chat with her - even if that does not tell us anything about: D So I am very interested in what they do add Falco. Just let it the hell do not give into the hands of a bass guitar, I let him hug: D But back to the museum. will be open for Easter 2011 which does not appear, but it's at the door :-). He'll be there (at least at the beginning) 65 figurines. Famous athletes, actors, politicians and so on and so on ... will be located just opposite the Prater, one so nice attraction to another: D. Pretty it up ;-). So it will be all about and I I just want to tell me that this report is very pleasantly surprised!


Vive Falco!


More information here:   https://www.tyden.cz/rubriky/cestovani/vidni-pribude-dalsi-atrakce-voskove-figuriny_178715.html


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