Falco Styl

02.07.2010 09:35

 In the following lines to see what Falco and what he wore in dazzling fashion ..... Although there will be a lot of things out .- Falco .... but it's interesting ;-)

The main objective of this decade, was shocking. And where else to go hard against the current than in multicultural London. In contrast, those of France retained its grandeur and lavish fashion, but the young fashion "revolutionaries" of course not succeed, and so has seen the decline.

With its relaxed atmosphere of tolerance and takes a leading role in London, where it mixes all sorts of styles and cultures. Enormous influence to musicians and especially the legendary Beatles or the Rolling Stones, led by the charismatic Mick Jagger. With these boybands occurred boom in men's fashion. He has been the biggest in the 70 to years through the glam movement, which gave rise to David Bowie and his dyed hair, make-up, shoes and high heels, whom he adored so much :-) Falco. Once you get into the world of hair gel, He had to have ... or at least most. It was a ,,sign" Falcos No.1.

So you better remember Falco had to have some original image, and he too succeeded. The style was mostly social (neckties, suits, ) and his hair .... tststs ... Well ... handsome :-).


And what goes with a suit so elegant? Why, a lovely hat! 

So- and now perhaps the biggest pit of his style!

Yes,yes...his famous sunglasses :-).

He wore on a lot of koncerts,in civilian clothes, and just where it takes....

.....and all this complemented....

Leather jacket! His other typical clothing.

It does not matter if you were brown or black,especially the leater :-).

Well and on the other- forget tie! 

To social clothes fit shoes- it we now. But what they brought to his favorite leather jacket? Why sneakers. Lots  flied a white NIKE :-).

That will be about all....

Thank you for your attention ;-)


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