How I ,,meet" Falco :-) (Super!)

09.09.2010 18:12


In the following story to learn how a former co-author (and I) got Falco.
One day my dad brought the original CD of a singer :-). I'm interested, but when I did not know as, I peeked. And when I asked my dad what he was so surprised to know him, then I then explained that he sang Jeanne. But here I knew only from Těžkej Pokondr :-).
Then I introduced the film Falco, who I really liked the movie, as well as the actor: Mr.Well, as often happens, the film did not real Falco, but his imitator. So I went back to check out the CDs and I found out that the two of you are nothing alike, but it did not bother me.
Then I started to like Falco so that I went looking for the CD every day:).
One afternoon came Lenka. 
I have deliberately pulled out before her, that I began to like one singer, and she did not care because we were on the comp. I deliberately said, "I can not stand, I gotta go see it again and I fired into the kitchen, where the CDs are ready for me :-). Lenka like tail and ran behind me now had their eyes too. 'Well, show me him! " 
she said. But I did not give. I ran, with the Palatinate "after the apartment and she was behind me. Then we started to fight (it was the first scrimmage of Falco :-)). Oh, and somehow fell Lenka is a CD which finally won. She oink that it hurts Thumb and I: "So at that Falco Look, you got it in her hand." Lenka but the pain and took it after seeing the CD said 'aye! And here I wish to kill such an asshole almost. Ouch.Dummies! Because of him! Because of him! "Cursed. I was sorry that she did not like. But then he said that Falco is sexy, I knew that I was in FalcoMania let alone.



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