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01.06.2010 14:15

It was only a matter of time before someone create  film about our legend. I'd like to on this site is a breakdown of the film ....

On this article I am looking forward hopefully from now on, we have created this blog:  the film is now over 2 years old, but why omit it and neokomentovat again:)?

I saw the movie just before Christmas, plus the fact that I never knew Falco. I had Tuch that Jeanne was singing but I was not so confident. After watching the film on my film had interesting consequences ... I immensely enjoyed the film work, that is until recently when I became interested in the Falco ... And describe what you feel in this film you can experience if you know Falco was pretty good and you see the film first time ....

Top film was clear to me-but then I did as little confusion especially when still in the film scene began to rise from the end of the film.
Eg. the bartender. But videos and concerts, I liked the movie. Unfortunately, I'm singing badly, the main character Manuel Rubeyho, and I have not heard one original song by Falco, so I was not much to evaluate. When I naposlouchala but Falco's song-I almost burst out laughing, I laugh Falco (it would have prevented the master:)) but Rubeymu. I think that most of the songs spoiled Jeanne and Out of the dark. But again, I liked the songs from it and Der Kommisar Nachtflug-not that it would sing like Falco, but he sang it just your own.

Well, go ahead. Absolutely do not like endless quarrels with Issabel. Falco was still plenty of women who should shine in the film. Whatever is needed by Caroline Perron or another. Here you would have raged a bit .... also (this can make it difficult perhaps all) - renaming characters. Carolina must be probably Tanja Katharina Bianca Vikovic or Jacqueline as Issabela. To mention it would cost a couple true friends Falcos as Niki Lauda. I have criticized vulgar scenes and little information about moving to the Dominican Republic. He lived there still some that Friday and I'm personally happy to see it there a little more pointed as he lived.

I'm not satisfied with the end of the film, who's in my ends too quickly.

All those things are there missing me, so I understand that they fit there. But maybe, if omitted obscene scenes and cuts with alcohol can put it there so much more ...

Other actors have to commend the contrary, be Falco's mother and producer Marcus Spiegel (if I did not write the name of good, so I'm sorry ...) and Horst Bork, they indeed mastered brilliantly.

Even at the moment I get back to Manuel. Manuel can at least be commended for Falco shriveled-acting site that he managed in total. But appearance. That's not nothing much bothers me ... in fact those of his eye (although it is nice:) but Hans did was good or bad ...) and his overall character. To me they still choose someone else ... The soundtrack to the film is absolutely disastrous, so if you want to buy, so you'd better plan this ...

Well, we see that the filmmakers have earned enough about them and that is it, threw in the shop ". I did the movie like i do not like but rather to překláním druhýmu.

But I am glad you remembered to Falco, and that something created in his honor ...

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